laurluh: (Default) I think I overracted a bit when I said I hated the job. The second half was easier than the first half. Probably because I got an hour and a half for lunch.I came home, had a good cry, ate lunch, and was ready for round two. The kids are cute and they are meh behaved...they're just one.

There is this one girl though, let's call her Sally. Well, Sally likes to bite her classmates. In her last room, she had seven incident reports in ONE day. The mom doesn't seem to care much and just signs them and moves on, not even a slap on the wrist. A little boy named...Brian got bit really bad today and the Dad came to get him and seemed really upset and that's totally understandable. I'd be pissed too. So either they are going to pull the boy out or I think Sally needs to be kicked out or go somewhere else. It's been eight times that just I know of and I've seen her all of three times. It's horrible. The other little biter is Katelyn but she's about 17 months and doesn't do it nearly as often. She's a cutie...definitely my favorite. I'm off to lay down and watch Intervention. I need to see others misfortune so I can forget mine.
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I don't have much time so I'm going to make this fast. Today was my first day in the 1B classroom (older 1 year olds) and I'm about to cry. I hate it so much, rofl. The kids are huge brats. I've never seen a kid bite so many others or take so long to go down for a nap. We don't have buckles on the chairs so they're always getting up and messing around. I'm 290382 times tired with them than I was with the 3 year olds. I'm ready to go to bed now. Things I need to keep telling myself:
  • It's the first day of the new year. Of course things will be hectic.
  • It's going to take a while for the kids to get used to a schedule.
  • This is the only job that called you back.
  • Things will look better once you get your first paycheck.
  • It's about ten minutes away from your house.
  • You get an hour and a half break.
  • If you stay there long enough you might be moved to the room you want.
  • This is just another trial God wants you to go through to make you stronger.
*sigh* Only 3.5 hours left.

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